Meeting Schedule, Format, Minutes


Meetings are every Tuesday (with some exceptions) from 5-7 PM, as listed at PastMeetingMinutes.


Many Python User Groups primarily have members make presentations on topics. Instead of having that focus, CaneyPUGgies will center on doing web programming in a hands-on project as a means of learning web programming in Python.

We'll work through the topics/tasks listed at PastMeetingMinutes as fast or slow as we need to so that every attendee is learning what they need. To accomplish that goal the meeting format will shift between two formats as necessary:

1. one person teaching everyone

We'll start out with this format, but increasingly move to the second format as members gain programming ability. When you want to see someone's screen, request to view it via "Applications - Internet - Remote Desktop Viewer."

2. pairs helping each other program and learn how to do so

This is called "pair programming." One person "drives" the pair's work by writing programming code, and the other helps, researches, documents, comments, etc., for 15 minutes, then you switch roles. Pairs can share (or control) one screen via Remote Desktop Viewer, or just sit next to each other. Programmers often find they work faster in pairs because when one person gets stuck, often the other can fix the problem immediately. When both members of a pair get stuck, they should ask another pair or the whole group for help, which may warrant switching back to one person teaching everyone for a while so everyone can learn the general methods involved in solving that problem.

We might find a good way to enable this collaboration remotely using screen sharing & audio chat through Empathy on the Google Talk/Jabber? protocol. Skype might work too but it only allows viewing, not controlling, the shared screen. Skype & Cola (how to use Cola) would be sufficient for experienced Ubuntu users, but we haven't gotten Cola to work yet.

You can propose topics or tasks to be worked on at each meeting by picking (or registering a new) blueprint on Launchpad, then proposing it there for an upcoming CaneyPUGgies meeting (aka "sprints" on Launchpad).


One person should take minutes for each meeting in the PastMeetingMinutes page, listing each topic discussed, and linking each topic to any further explanation or (especially!) code examples showing how to do the work involved.

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