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How to Set Up Your CaneyPUGgies Web Development Environment

One of the big hurdles for a beginning programmer is to find, evaluate, install, and configure a programming environment on his computer containing the right languages, text editors, debuggers, browser plugins, etc., to make the job of programming easier. So that CaneyPUGgies members don't have to do all this work themselves, we've created a two-step process that will install & configure all the software you need to do web development with CouchApps?. Here are those two steps:

  1. Install Ubuntu on your computer, either directly on your hard drive (replacing its current operating system, or alongside it in a dual-boot configuration), on a 32+ GB USB flash drive (notes), or in a virtual machine in VirtualBox (see instructions). All the software in Ubuntu is free, and is automatically updated when new versions come out!
    • Can't get online? You probably need to install the proprietary hardware driver for your wireless network adapter. To do so, plug your computer into an ethernet cable attached to your router to get a wired internet connection, then press the "Windows" key (normally found between CTRL & ALT) to access the Unity application search dialog, then type "Additional Drivers" and click or hit enter to launch the program by that name, then click "Activate" to activate the proprietary driver it recommends for your hardware.
  2. In Ubuntu, run the web development environment setup script by typing (or copy-and-pasting) these commands into a terminal window:
    sudo apt-get install bzr
    cd Desktop
    bzr branch lp:~caneypuggies/+junk/CaneyPUGgies_tools
    # Note: If the commands above fail, just:
    # - click the "web development environment setup script"
    #     link above and download the file named,
    # - then right-click on it, select "Properties," then select the "Permissions" tab,
    # - then click "Allow executing file as program," then click "Close,"
    # - then execute it with the last command below.
    cd CaneyPUGgies_tools
    ./ # this is the setup script