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Welcome to CaneyPUGgies!

Learn web programming with CaneyPUGgies

If you would like to learn web programming and have very strong computer skills, come join the Caney Python Users Group (CaneyPUGgies) 5-7 PM Tuesdays (bring a sack lunch) at Caney Orthodox Presbyterian Church, at 2nd and Vine in Caney. At CaneyPUGgies we're 1) teaching ourselves framework-style web programming using TurboGears by 2) producing a working open source web application named Reformed Churches Locator. Membership is free. Your costs are your time, a wireless laptop computer with 2+ GB RAM, and a Ubuntu installation either on your computer or a 32+ GB bootable flash/USB drive. Your reward is that after a year of dedicated effort you may be able to earn money as a web programmer. Both beginners and experts are welcome.

We're using cutting-edge web programming tools and techniques you could use to make your own Twitter or Facebook. The group draws on the experience of Tim Black, pastor of Caney Orthodox Presbyterian Church, who has worked as a part-time web programmer for 11 years, and has 5 years of experience using TurboGears. Our hope is CaneyPUGgies will give more people a reason to live and work in Caney, and perhaps even start a new industry here.

TurboGears is a rapid web application framework like Ruby on Rails which encourages current best practices such as the separation of concerns into model, view, and controller code, and test-driven development. It is written in the Python programming language, whose syntax is fairly easy to learn, but uses other languages and technologies which are transferable to other languages, so even someone who doesn't want to learn Python can benefit from CaneyPUGgies. Because JavaScript is useful in any web application, TurboGears encourages its use, and Reformed Churches Locator's primary user interface will be a single-page application using JQueryUI (an AJAX/JavaScript user interface toolkit). TurboGears, like Ruby on Rails, will introduce you to cutting-edge programming tools & best practices, including the separation of concerns into model, view, & controller code to increase maintainability, mapping URLs to controller methods for cleaner URLs & simpler/clear code organization, an object-relational mapper (ORM - SQLAlchemy) to simplify database access, a templating language (Genshi) to allow graphical designers greater flexibility, reusable widgets with integrated & customizable form validation (ToscaWidgets) to speed interface development, database schema migrations to simplify upgrading & downgrading software versions, and test-driven development to protect against unnoticed feature regressions in the future. Beyond that CaneyPUGgies will use a project management system (, version control system (Bazaar), and perhaps continuous integration and a CSS framework (Blueprint). It will introduce attendees to Aptana as a web development IDE, Chrome Developer Tools/Firebug, and a number of other tools available in Ubuntu that are useful for web development.

For more information, contact Tim Black at (620) 879-2359,, or come to a CaneyPUGgies meeting.

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